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Tale as old as time. Tune as old as song. Buttersweet & strange. Learning you were wrong.

Tale as old as time. Tune as old as song. Bittersweet & strange, finding you can change. Learning you were wrong.

Proof that Tangled and Captain Swan has an extremely similar romance!

The Emma & Hook and Rapunzel & Flynn parallels. This makes me happy because Tangled is my favorite Disney movie, and I ship Hook and Emma, and Flynn and Rapunzel the most.

Frozen OUAT

2 DAYS ✌️❤️ I'm excited even though they look nothing like Anna and Elsa

Rumple and Belle

I ship Rumple & Belle

It's time for some feels! #RumBelle - i already posted this before.. but i love this Image.. cudn't control....

It's time for some feels!

Time for some feels: super sweet Rumpel & Belle story (Once Upon A Time)

Captain Hook. OUAT.

once upon a time captain hook quote And he is very willing to fight for Emma!

Tina's grandchildren

bob's burgers and related miscellany

Once Upon a Time characters matched with Disney characters: Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. #OnceUponATime #OUAT #TV_Show

Once upon a time characters matched with Disney (Hook and Smee)

I love this show. He is such a good actor!!! Once upon a time tv show (ABC)

Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold from Once Upon a Time. One of my all time favorite characters

One of my favorites.

Belle, She will determine her own fate.

'Once Upon a Time' Queen of Hearts & The Mad Hatter. yeah everyone is a bit more normal and nice looking in Once.

Once Upon A Time characters matched with Disney characters: Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter.

"Once Upon a Time" & Disney's Princess Aurora & Prince Phillip. I still don't understand why the OUAT directors didn't make Princess Aurora blonde. On the upside, they are both attractive enough.

I love this line soooo much! Missing OUAT. :(

Once Upon a Time - Belle + Rumpelstiltskin: now you've made your choice and you're going to regret it forever. All you'll have is an empty heart and a chipped cup.

Once Upon a Time | Counterparts | Rumpelstiltskin - Mr. Gold

Gold/Rumplestiltskin - I love this character, but the little giggle he does when he's in his full-on 'Dark One' persona BUGS THE CRAP OUT OF ME.