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For more quotes, follow @thegoodquote.co #TheGoodQuote

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Fill your life with experience, good or bad, it doesn't really matters. What really matters is you've learnt something from every experience.

I'll build a castle

This is a very literal quote for me. In the road the side of the road.

Changed directions and kept going.

In the end she became more than what she expected. She became the journey and like all journeys She did not end, she simply changed directions and kept on going.

Even if it's not the start of the month, you can always get started today and just follow our plan for the next 30 days. Don't let any excuses come in between you and your happy place!

The 30-Day No-Fail Happiness Challenge

The 30 Day No Fail Happiness Challenge . Take this challenge to get happy in just 30 days — guaranteed.


Some people won't love you no matter what you do and there are those who won't stop loving you no matter what you do. Always go where the love is.