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Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Machine Learning Platform for big data processing in the cloud.

Microsoft Officially Launches Azure Machine Learning Platform

How machine learning will fuel huge innovation over the next 5 years I Mehrdad Fatourechi

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How Big Data is Changing the Sports Fan’s Experience

Beyond Sports teams aren’t going to lose their fans to television without a fight. And with the majority of sports franchises embracing wearable and mobile data in some form or another, it’s a.

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Today, deep learning is mostly about pure supervised learning. A major drawback of supervised learning is that it requires a lot of labeled data and It is qu.

Meet IBM Watson, a cognitive system enabling a new partnership between people and computers that enhances and scales human expertise.

Hoping to capture business from fast-growing Bay Area firms such as Uber and Tesla, IBM Thursday will announce plans to open a center in San Francisco dedicated to its Watson artificial-intelligence-driven computing service.

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INTERVIEW: How an Ecovacs Robot Made an Appearance on MTV - CEA

George John, co-founder and chairman of the board at Rocket Fuel, discusses how machine learning has the potential to revolutionise the.

Thin Client vs. Zero Client Infographic

VDI Client Options: People from Devon IT present the options for setting up a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and look at the features of thin over zero clients and vice versa.