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When I was little, my dad would have this in his pocket for me when he picked me up from Sunday School. I would jump into his arms and search is shirt pocket for the treat.  :)

Yipes Stripes Fruit Stripe Gum, what flavor was your favorite?

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Vintage Kenner Tree Tots Family Treehouse with accessories 1975

Barbie Shoes

Barbie shoes broke easily but you could always get them spares.

doctor kit

The Fisher Price doctor’s set. Donnie & I played doctor with this & my dolls all the time!

Did you drink Clearly Canadian in the 80's?   I did!      ~D~

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.

Gameboy advance

Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Same as the GBA but this has a clamshell design similar to the Nintendo DS but with a backlit screen. Nintendo decided to eliminate the headphone jack.


Merlin game with sounds and red lights. I remember playing this thing a lot in the Such high tech! One of my first electronic games!

Perfection!! I loved playing this!

gave me a heart attack playing it every time. And an anxiety attack. And probably single handily contributed to my OCD-ness more than anything else. I MUST BE PERFECT or it all becomes a terrible mess.

I was a math nerd. This was fun for me.

I was a math nerd. This was fun for me. I was a math nerd. This was fun for me.

Cursive Handwriting on Lined Paper

Cursive writing ~Old School.Loved learning to write cursive. My second grade teacher taught this. I still take pride in my writing.

When it rains it's never wet, those tiny drops are real Chiclets! From a commercial for these.  Don't know who wrote it... not me!

Chiclets Tiny Size Flavor Coated Gum are miniature, fruit-flavored gum tablets. Adams developed Chiclets over a century ago, and it quickly became known as the candy coated gum.

Well, it made me happy...

Nothing made you happier than seeing this when walking into a classroom as a kid. And now as a teacher nothing makes me happier than seeing this in my classroom still!

Paint with water books...and the colour magically appeared!

Paint with water books, so hard to find now a days too! - I still have this book and let my kids paint in it - the Gingham Girls Paint with Water (vs)