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ArtStation - Forest guardian, David Masson

ArtStation - Forest guardian, David Masson

"She had stopped, a hand stretched out, twisted in a symbolic offering of peace, her eyes wide.  'Above Lyra, on the crest of a hill, enshrouded in a halo of glimmering crystal mist, stood a spirit, silent and wise.

A forest spirit emerge for two wanderers in the northwestern parts of the western Minaeth forest.

Guardians of the Sacred Grove

Primordial forest giant deer (Irish Elk) as possible the Cernunos? Herne being the human incarnation or avatar to service the Earth Goddess.

"Black Swordsman in the Forest" by Fazal-sama.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

The Black Swordsman with his travelling companion Puck wandering through a thick unknown forest in the Midland Kingdom. Black Swordsman in the Forest

Forests, Woods

Forest Keeper by WhiteGrifon.deviantart.com

witch costume idea - Cernunnos, Wild God of the Forest Amazing piece for thigh, imagine, looking down at this all day long.

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ConceptArtistRPG Day 8 Boss - Forest Witch by Kika-alf female druid dyrad forest elf spirit sorceress