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Time Present and Time Past: An Englishman's Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1517 - Week 1 - Venice to Corfu

Batalha de Lepanto 07-10-1571

Illustration of types of Venetian galley ships used in the Great Battle of Lepanto

Knights of Malta Galley

Knights of Malta Galley

Venetian galley, Although it doesn't seem to be widely known, there were actually quite a few German LANDSKNECT infantry present at Lepanto, and they appear to have had limited numbers of arquebuses, and thus we may presume that most were "corselet men" equipped with half- or three-quarter armor, and polearms like halberds and half-pikes. '''

Historical vessels : Venetian galley, fast sailing and rowing ship

Enlarged Picture: Oil Painting - The Battle of Lepanto - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Information Centre

The Battle of Lepanto oil painting - Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery Information Centre

The Most Feared Gunboat You Ever Know Existed - Full Documentary

The Most Feared Gunboat You Never Knew Existed - Full Documentary Patrol Boat, River or PBR, is the United States Navy designation for a small rigid-hulled p.