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Kardashian Palace: Photo

I CRY tears of hysterical laughter even thinking about this prank.I watched the whole season bc of this!

Scott Disick. I don't even watch this show and he's my favorite.

Kourtney Kardashian - Might pregnant symbol for might be pregnant ! Kourtney Kardashian: so I took it and it said I might be pregnant. Scott Disick: There's a

Thriller meme

Top 14 Funniest Ebola Memes And Pictures - NoWayGirl This.

why is it so easy to stay awake until 6 am but so hard to wake up at 6 am, Physics is good for something

Funny pictures about Physics ladies and gentlemen. Oh, and cool pics about Physics ladies and gentlemen. Also, Physics ladies and gentlemen.

scott disick. i love him.

16 Times Scott Disick Totally Owned The Kardashians

Scott Disick is funny. Scott Disick is a douche bag. Scott Disick is a funny douche bag.

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I have a long history with talking and laughing so hard you can't make a sound with other people during class without the teacher noticing but EVERY one else sees and is like "What. The heck.