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"It just sorta.....happened" hahhahah <3 im in love

that just… sort of… happened. - sherlock series 3 episode 2 the sign of three hahaha just love this!

:)<<<<<< supernatural's got a gif for everything;)

I can see it now! Love Andrew Scott as Moriarty << is no one going to mention that the Supernatural fandom strikes AGAIN with a perfect gif?<<< We have s gif for everything. I mean EVERYTHING

Sherlock trying to surprise John but completely failing! Haha John was much to distracted to even notice his "dead" best friend standing right next to him

- Well, surprise me. - Certainly endeavoring to, Sir. John and Sherlock<------ I still crack up anytime i remember this scene

Sherlock out.

code-cracking by deductions (this post has more plot twists than an entire season of Shedrlock.

Ah, hello, Reichenbach feels. Would you like to punch me in the face? IT WOULD HURT A LOT LESS!!

What if Sherlock was hinting at something when he said that the victim could've faked his death…Johnlock feels

Benedict reading Sherlock Holmes. he's doing all the voices! and it's a great story if you follow the link and listen to all 3

Benedict Cumberbatch (Read) Assassin written by John Taylor inspired by the character of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

John Watson - Martin Freeman  Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch

We can't giggle; it's a crime scene. Uhm, this is us during movies--only we do giggle! Actually, we buy the movie and fast forward to places we aren't supposed to laugh at

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World's Greatest Friend Sends Ridiculous Benedict Cumberbatch Name Variations. my friend would have picked up on what I was trying to say by text lol