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Wankel Rotary Engine from a 1st gen Mazda RX-7

The Wankel rotary-engine, seen here, is remarkably compact and light. At one point, even Chevrolet considered turning the Corvette in a Wankel-powered sports car. Remember the AMC Pacer? That was built to house a Wankel engine too!

2JZ Engine Parts - 2JZGTE Race/Street Motor Level III by Titan

Race/Street Motor Level III by Titan - This is a complete long block from oil pan to cylinder head.

Mazda RX-4 widebody by Ranz Motorsports [800x509]

1974 mazda im not so hot on the color, but the car is beautiful none the…


Future Cars: Mazda's Next-Generation RX-Series Coupe - Carscoops

robotpignet:  Mazda 13B

All the major parts of the Mazda Renesis engine disassembled. Today in history - Felix Wankel, the inventor of the Wankel rotary engine, was born. I'm a Wankel freak. I love Wankel rotary engi.


Wankel Rotary Engine from Mazda