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Age - i'm not sure why, but i gain more wisdom as I age.

Age is beauty pictures for desktop and wallpaper - Wallpapers and backgrounds

Genç kız titreyen ve kanlar damlatan elleriyle elindeki kağıdı aynaya asarken tereddüt etmiyordu ancak sadece endişeliydi. Mesajı alabileceklerini ve onun yerini anlayabileceklerini umuyordu.

At least two sides. Don't assume you know because you've only heard one perspective.

you have to choose to live and be unconcerned with the outcome.

cute idea to put the quote in a frame and then you can fill in the blank with a dry erase marker


"When I saw you I fell in love and you smiled, because you knew." - William Shakespeare love quotes displayed on chalkboards at wedding

Are you a multitasking mastermind? You may be burning yourself out more than you think! Follow these 5 tips to help you slow down and focus. http://anastasiaamour.com/2014/08/17/are-you-a-multi-tasking-master-mind-how-to-slow-down-and-focus/

my brain has too many tabs open, SO TRUE. I also most of the time have a lot of tabs open as well, lol.