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Reference Sheet: Permafrost by ArcadianPhoenix on DeviantArt

BECOME A PATRON EDIT: I realized that I only had references for one side of her head. Not a completely insane reference sheet but as com.

Choose a pony! ~Adopted: Neon Beat, Sparkle Pop, Techno Treat and Glimmer Wing adopted~ ALL ADOPTED

Up for adoption. Neon Beat adopted by Hannah and Sparkle Pop adopted by Eliza S.

MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons by KPenDragon on deviantART

Huge file is HUGE just as a warning. Well…idk, I just felt like comparing the FiM Alicorns with my DUSK Alicorns. Yes, I shoul. MLP: DUSK and FiM alicorn comparisons

Snow Spell Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi on DeviantArt:

Snow Spell Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi on DeviantArt. She looks like a pony Elsa!

Cobalt Tangle Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi

This is colbalt tangle. She is a very outgoing, adventurous pony. Ever since she was a filly, she had dreamed of meeting the author of daring do

Gari Ultimate Reference Guide by Centchi on DeviantArt

(Ignore the wings)Renamed Cookie Crumbles, Cookie is the know it all little sister of Lindor Truffles. She was first in her class to get her cutie mark and is now helping Lightning Beat and Golden Spector receive theirs.

Feel free to use as a REFERENCE Please do not take the vectors from here because they are NOT mine MLP © Hasbro Tumblr post: ★ Credits ★ ↳ Front Views ↳ Cutie Marks ...

MLP:FiM Mane Six Artist Reference by *missmagikarp on deviantART my little pony friendship is magic color reference

Autum Orchid reference shet by xWhiteDreamsx on DeviantArt

xux finally done other reference shet, >w< but i'm happy can finish this ;

Next Gen Genderbend (Royals) by hikariviny on DeviantArt

This time with my "Royal" next gen Chaotic - Calamity Amaris - Ashtar Crystal Shield - Brightness Guard Charming Heart - Ki. Next Gen Genderbend (Royals)