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May 27 2017 at 04:16PM from thejeweledotter

Minnie, Inez, second cousin Bernice and grandma after their pre Thanksgiving trip to the beauty shop.



Teens hangin' out at a park, 1960s....love the big hair!

Vintage Penny Lane, a photo shared by Jimmy Kulick Sr, Hanging out at Pennypack Park, 1965

The pose was nearly perfect for the photo...George kept thinking..."She's sitting on my hand! She's sitting on my hand!."

It was a fancy party, but not a take-the-slipcover-off-the-lamp fancy.

Eunice, Bernice and Lucy had no idea how to dress to hike the Appalachian Trail...

glam hiking**LuvLuvLuv the shift dresses💕

This reminds me of my mother and her friends...yes that would have been my mom in the middle..stylin it!!

If I could rent a time machine, I'd do three things. Solve the mystery of the Great Pyramids Find out who really killed JFK Go to this party and ask the redhead girl to slow dance.

this is life

how bout those flare jeans, and tight shirts lol

Getting ready to dive in (1966)

1966 in the kitchen - "Ready to shread the Turkey".

Back in the 1960's--my mother, Aunt & Grandmother having some fun during a family get together.

Back in the mother, Aunt & Grandmother having some fun during a…

Cute 60s snapshot, pregnant woman in rollers…with ciggys and soda

apanelofanalysts: “ Dime store hair products, a can of Coke, and a pack of Cowboy Killers, what could go wrong?


Every day when she came home from Our Lady of Eternal Agonies Elementary School, Cousin Phyllis relaxed with a cigarette and a highball.

Young ladies in sweet sweaters 1940s

Young ladies in sweet sweaters 1940s


I can't believe I made those food for my slutty old bitches

found photo 70's snapshot.

It was never too early in the day for Minnie's kitchen seduction dance.

sectioning hair for vintage hair styles

How to part/section hair for vintage hairstyles + basic hair parts

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