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Violets are blue and so are you. This poem can be read and perceived in so many ways. and each way is beautiful. Sad but beautiful

INFP. Sometimes it feels this way. But thankfully we have a Father in heaven who listens and understands :)

I never thought that some/most quiet people were like this. I'm a type of person who can share their emotions very easily. I never thought quiet people can be like this. It's so sad to me.

I´m fighting, but it´s hard to fight when you don´t know what you´re fighting for

I grew up feeling this way. Still feel this way many days, but my depression cannot keep me down. I fight every. I wish for things to be easy, to be strong, and sometimes it's impossible. Sometimes I just can't.


Someone who means a lot to me hurt my feelings real bad when I told her how I was feeling. "How can you be depressed if you're so happy all the time?" And I just shook my head and said, "you're lucky you don't know the answer to that question.

 nothing else needs to be said♡

nothing else needs to be said♡

life is a series of exciting new loves--- of a place, of a time, an experience, people ---and of course, the inevitable loss that will always, always follow.

life is a series --- of a place, of a time, an experience, people ---and of course, the inevitable loss

Just what i wanted to say to him..but he didn't stitch me up..he didn't listen..

depressed depression sad lonely hurt friends mypost alone broken lit Friendship hurting best friend friend best friends prose sadness poetry depressing poem Literature Friendships spilled ink creative writing poems prose poetry I just need you to see me

My family expects me to be someone who helps hydra. What my family needs is someone to betray the one person I love the most (Peter) so I can be like them. What I want to be is a scientist who can help many people and one day not to be involved in crap. All I need is to be with Peter. But my family doesn't support my decision , I will never be the daughter/sister they wanted. To them, I am mistake that they wish didn't exist. ~ Elizabeth Jane Ward

It hurts that I can’t be what everyone wants. And it hurts that I can’t be what I want. Because I’m not enough. I won’t ever be enough. And it hurts, it hurts so damn bad.

There is only one Savior but you almost did it yourself. For a while, I beheld true glory.

I am pieces of quotes from my favorite books stitched together by song lyrics and I am glued together by midnight conversations and the sweet taste of coffee and I have this tendency to fall apart suddenly

Exactly what I do!! Always with a brave face!!!

I am the type of person that will sit in the bathroom & cry, but then walk out like nothing ever happened.

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she's so beautiful yet so sad always saying no one will ever love her, and yet when somebody tells her that they love her she runs and hides silly girl, they love you, you just don't love yourself.