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Saatchi Art Artist eduard gurevich; Painting, “Window on The Temple Mount.” #art

Window on The Temple Mount

View from Window on the Temple Mount. (Картина), cm - Eduard Gurevich Old Jerusalem. View from Window on the Temple Mount. oil on canvas, in a beautiful Frame.

El único reloj que no causa depresión por el tiempo perdido - Una historia jasídica

In Memory of the burned, destroyed Jewish Shtetls, Wandering Stars, do not give me no rest .

Elena Flerova (1943, Russian)-  Blessing The New Moon

Elena Flerova - Blessing The New Moon- Jewish Art Oil Painting/Fiesta de La Nueva Luna!

Blessing the Children on Shabbat

Victor Brindatch - Blessing the Boys- Jewish Art Oil Painting

Artist's Statement: The Chanukah picture expresses the quintessence of the pure oil in our souls. In my painting, the brushwork depicts forms with suggestive use of color in concentrated strokes that enhances the light from within.

Jessie Marion King

A Spray of Wild Hemlock - Jessie Marion King illustration to The Fisherman and His Soul, by Oscar Wilde