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Piano Magic at Cocktail Time

i am the light of the world song - Google Search

John // When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of…

More multicultural resources to share. #adoptiveparenting #Diversity #AQ Google+

A list of children's books for Hispanic Heritage Month. These picture books feature fiction, biography and poetry titles about Hispanic culture for kids.

100 years of celebrating women  3/07/2011 09:53:00 PM  (Cross-posted on the LatLong Blog)    As today’s doodle shows, we’re very excited to celebrate the centenary of International Women’s Day. Late last month we teamed up with Women for Women International to announce the Join me on the Bridge campaign, a celebration of the achievements of women taking place on bridges around the world. Since then almost 300 bridge events in more than 50 countries have been added to the map. I’ve found it…

International Women's Day This March 8 doodle celebrated the anniversary of International Women's Day.

A penniless Canada: Mint begins years-long process of collecting and melting down 82-million kg in coins (National Post)

A penniless Canada: Mint begins years-long process of collecting and melting down kg in coins (National Post)

Lol we watched the mermaid documentary in geography once, lots of people believed it and our teacher just laughed at us. He also showed us one on how dinosaurs still exist.

For Nemo. I think I should watch more scary movies ;) And, if you had actually watched the Fast and Furious movie you would know they obviously had to make a


Here are some fun and random tv, movie, comic book facts that might surprise you. In fact, she looks sorta like J. (Second to last fact)

Sandwich Thief - I applaud you.

Dump A Day The Sandwich Thief Isn't Who You Think - 15 Pics.So funny! Wish the sandwich owner had a better sense of humor

Dizilerin Uzunluğu

Dizilerin Uzunluğu