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Assault on Carthage (gouache on paper)

Assault on Carthage (gouache on paper)

Punic mercenaries attack a Roman position presumably during the early stages of Hannibal's Italian campaign. The warrior in the foreground is unmistakably a Gaul behind him is a formation of Libby Phoenician infantry. Running at full speed towards the enemy are Iberian warriors and in the background an elephant and Numidian cavalryman move up in support.

Punic mercenaries attack a Roman position presumably during the early stages of…


assault on the fortified village of Horvat'Ethri during the Jewish revolt of Bar Kochba.

Caesar.- ANNEE 53 av JC: 1 révolte de plus en Gaule, 1) Campagne contre les MENAPIENS et les TREVIRES, 13:Labienus prend la tête de la cavalerie et de la poursuite, fait nombre de sprisonniers, et reçoit 10 jours plus tard la soumission du pays. C'est à CINGETORIX, un TREVIRE fidèle à César, que revient la souveraineté de cette nation.


Romans on Hadrian's Wall recieve military diplomas. Artwork by Ronald Embleton.

Awalnya ia adalah seorang pelaut biasa yang biasa berlayar di wilayah perairan Yunani dan Turki. Suatu hari kapalnya diserang kapal militer St. John of Jerusalem atau biasa disebut sebagai Knight of Rhodes, kejadian ini membuat adik bungsunya terbunuh. Khairuddin dan ‘Aruj melakukan aksi bajak laut kepada semua kapal-kapal militer Kristen. Aksi ini sangat menggemparkan dan sangat ditakuti militer Kristen, dikenal sebagai bajak laut Barbarossa Brothers karena keduanya berjanggut merah.

Historically, pirates there when there is a cruise that is trading. Commonly referred to pirate it, basically, an act of piracy committed one ship to another ship.

Batalla de Magnesia (190 a.C.), una dura batalla entre la falange seleúcida apoyada por elefantes y la Legión romana, con victoria para estos últimos tras un porfiado combate, cortesía de A. Yezhov. http://www.elgrancapitan.org/foro/viewtopic.php?f=87&t=16979&p=883522#p883510

Battle of Beneventium The Pyrrhic War Date 275 BC Location Beneventum (modern Benevento)

Istana Kesultanan Aceh pada masa puncak kejayaan abad -XVII

Istana Kesultanan Aceh pada masa puncak kejayaan abad -XVII

Carthaginian marines stand ready to repel borders on the deck of their ship as a Roman quinquereme approaches. The sailors of the fleets were recruited from the lower classes of Carthage itself, the marines were supplemented by some mercenaries but on the whole most were Carthaginian citizens.

Carthaginian marines stand on the deck of their ship as they prepare for Roman ships to first ram them, and then to board their ship. With weapons ready, they wait for the Romans to attack.

The first siege of Rome by the Ostrogoths - Belisarius against the Ostrogothic army - http://www.inblogg.com/the-first-siege-of-rome-by-the-ostrogoths-belisarius-against-the-ostrogothic-army/

"Belisarius's defence of Rome", Peter Dennis Belisarius, sometimes referred to as "The Last True Roman" received the last Roman Triumph for his effort in reclaiming lost and wayward provinces from the then defunct Western Empire.