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Actually a many finnick and annie fanfictions are really, well 'feel-y'. The books dont really make me cry but there is one particular fanfic that actually made me cry a lot.


Poor Josh…

Poor Josh /i love him so much/ funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

Oh my gosh, when you sleep your body is part paralyzed to prevent you from doing things like this, if you sleep walk you should consult a doctor right awsy

I am always so scared to sleep walk and once my mother said that she found me standing at the edge of my bed murmuring nonsense. That night I dreamed of a carnival and I was talking to someone.

love her

It's so funny because I have a best friend named Jennifer and Jennifer Lawrence reminds me so much of her. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

Marching Band. As a section leader it totally represents my section with all of the freshmen

I can agree as section leader for a year, and drum major for two, this is the truth!


What, my heart? Nahh, I didn't need that. Sure, just crush hit into million pieces, I'm cool with that. No big deal. But no joke my heart is split in two

That explains everything!!! >>> OMG!!! YESSSSS!!!>>>>> guess there are family now!!!!

Hunger Games Meets Percy Jackson

Hunger Games/ Percy Jackson cross over. Holy crap how did I not think of this too? I was thinking about artemis's hunters and how Katniss would've been awesome among them.but I didn't think about if Katniss was a demigod of Apollo :O


I'm crying right now and I doubt you won't tear up a little The Dandelion its so beauitful

Exactly how I felt when I heard the song!

Ok so my sister is on catching fire and she listened to the pop version and was singing it so as a good sister I shoved the book in her face, showed her the song chapter and the meaning then showed her the movie j law singing it.

This is the true sorrow of the Hunger Games. Not the entertainment that the Games bring, it's the downright cruelty that we all need to remember.

1678 people died, and all they care about is the love triangle. Then you realize this also applies to our society too. It's barely a love triangle anyways because Gale is an awful person. People only care because Liam Hemsworth plays him

How New Orleans stopped a serial killer from committing another murder - WTF fun facts>>>His identity remains unknown, as he was never caught and never killed again.

#BookishQouteOfTheDay #Books #Reading>> because even the most devout Hinger Games fans don't want to actually be in the Hunger Games

I'm a Harry Potter fan and I ALWAYS wanted to go to Hogwarts. I'm a Percy Jackson fan and I always wanted to go to the Camp Half-Blood. I'm a Hunger Games fan and I . I'm fine.