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Candy Pretzels

The Fun Cheap or Free Queen: Foodie Tuesday Recipe: Dipped pretzel rods - perfect Holiday treat/gift

#thatsmylittlefact     i seriously am, i can never stop eating. i must always have food!! @Niall Horan if you are looking for someone who eats a lot...I'm right here!! Just ask my friend @Savvy

My friends know this for a fact but I still stay skinny I. But I don't really care how skinny I am all I care about is food and family and friends :)

Snoepjes !!!

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Hey @rebekabrown remember that time we made mini cheesecakes with sugar covered strawberries on them? Those were delicious!

strawberries with a very light sprinkling of sugar.my favorite snack and/or the perfect dessert!

pink blazer :) this is a look that will take you thru the entire day.

Colorful bracelets, gold necklace, and hot pink blazer and a VERTICAL striped skirt! Why aren't all skirts vertical stripes?

I just like the way that pizza looks.

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They're a great stress relieve, they get your mind off of negative thoughts, and they let you escape for a while. :)

If I got paid for playing video games I would be rich! I gave up watching tv so I could play the games.