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is Mark an introvert? that would help explain why he slammed into my bias list so hard.

Old habits die hard | allkpop Meme Center

My brother also puts his fingers in his mouth a lot XD I do what Sehun does

grown men in eyeliner who eat all the time and super noisy. but you love them rite, leader suho? <3

I love you, Appa Suho.I hope the grown men in eyeliner love you too EXO

Find a man who can do both. Then find another. Now ship them together. STAN VKOOK or TAEKOOK. Can we decide on one name to call this ship yet ahaha! It's been going on for centuries I swear I need an official statement on which name to use lol ❤

Found another one! The pause button loves #BTS at times #Suga


The pause button loves Yoongi as much as we do! ♥♥♥ at times

Hyungs vs Maknaes

There is a big difference but I love them all the same<<I am the hyung line. My mother is the maknae line. It's a hard life for a wannabe turtle.

why do I stab them omo << same tho XDXD but did you mean stan? X'D

Ummmmmm i am literally jhope laughing with the biggest grin on my face

Jungkook is too young to be responsible

(Are they really filmed in the bathroom?) --> he wasn't playing, he was translating words form the washing machine to Korean so he could start it