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Cartoon: Screw the First and Second Amendments, the Fifth is Great!


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How about you cleanse the country of lying low down politicians first

In the cartoon, the kid has gotten into trouble for saying "Christmas". People now have deemed the phrase "Merry Christmas" offensive.

Please tell me all about how Georgetown Law costs $65,000 per year, but you can't afford $10 birth control pills.  What a Fluke.   If Sandra Fluke and her friends can't afford birth control needed for whatever reason, health, sex or whatever, then they should get a job to pay for it.  Typical whining Liberals, let someone else pay.

And she's speaking tonite at the DNC between they say. I can't wait to see this idiot.

God, Freedom, & Everything USA : Photo

Some take a knee and others choose otherwise. Take a knee is for those who fallen risks their life. ESPN NFL chose to act childish take knee, they’ll be treated as child!

The cartoonist's homepage, indystar.com/opinion/varvel

July political cartoons from the USA TODAY NETWORK

~~Looking for some straight facts on Obamacare and its impact? Here are some of the most important numbers you need to know about President Obama’s health law:


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