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comet-lovejoy-jan-2015-chart.jpg (575×323)

This chart shows how to spot Comet Lovejoy in mid-January looking southeast at about 8 p. Looking to the upper right of constellation Orion will assist in locating Comet Lovejoy.

Dec 13, 2015-Geminid Meteor Shower, Best of the Year, Peaks Sunday: Watch It Live http://whtc.co/7vew

The Geminid meteor shower peaks Sunday (Dec. and Monday (Dec. Shown here, astrophotographer Manish Mamtani caught this snapshot of the Geminid meteor shower over the Frosty Drew Observatory in Charlestown, Rhode Island in

Delta Aquarids meteor showers late July and early August.  EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2013 | EarthSky.org

"The Lyrid meteor shower starts today! Lyrid meteor shower April 16 to In peak morning is April Catch a meteor in bright moonlight. Or watch in the moon-free hours before dawn April EarthSky’s meteor shower guide for 2013

Hermosa noche...!

The Milky Way, as seen from Namibia - Africa is beautiful at night.

Cave Lake by Nathan Dunn. Shot at Cave Lake near Ely, Nevada

Cave Lake by Nathan Dunn.I wish the sky was this clear in CT! thk::::::::::Cave Lake State Park is a state park in White Pine County, Nevada, USA

Rare photo of aurora australis – southern lights – and bioluminescence | EarthSky.org

Rare photo of aurora australis – southern lights – and bioluminescence. Photo by Colin Legg

A new major meteor shower in late May 2014? | EarthSky.org - On the night of May 23-24, 2014 – if predictions hold true – Earth might be sandblasted with debris from Comet 209P/LINEAR, resulting in a fine new meteor shower!

Comet LINEAR may produce a new major meteor shower, possibly storm May


Aurora Borealis

In Canada Yellowknife (NT) and sometimes in Ontario, there are beautiful Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis to see at night! It would be so spectacular if we could capture it with our every own eyes :) Beautiful and romantic~


The Milky Way, a meteor, and an aurora borealis draping the night sky all make up a photo by Tommy Eliassen. I seriously need to get to Norway one of these days.