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"I need your help, I, can't fight this forever. I know you're watching, I can feel you out there!" - My Demons (Starset)

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At times....

This was so me when I had the feeling Tony was cheating but trying to make it as it was me.going through my phone, tablet and all.just couldn't be a man with balls and tell me the fucking truth

They always leave without saying goodbye - then u just left to be part of the circus

Call me, text me, apologise, or realize who I am. Understand how much I love you even with you gone. I know you're with her but it damn it, you should have chose me.

hplyrikz:  I can relate to this

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He doesn't know I like him and it hurts so much to hide it but if he finds out he may never talk to me again, because we're best friends and it would complicate things too much

Just what I needed

No regrets.I know what it feels like to be on a pedestal and I've learned so much about me, & who my real friends are. A better guy will come along when I least expect it. Things will get better. They're getting better day by day.

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I hate feeling numb! Something that would outrage others would cause me to feel nothing or maybe it's everything.

Why Doesn't He Love Me Anymore | You can get your favourite quotes as a cute picture for your timeline ...

When my heart is breaking and you sit back and watch the pieces hit the floor along with my tears and do nothing I realize you truly don't love me anymore.


Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us. Hope I can fix this mental thing.

Descobrimos o poder Superior, o Criador, dentro de nossa correta conexão mútua de doação e amor. E este é o perdão antes de Rosh Hashaná. Certamente é impossível começar o Novo Ano, o novo começo, o próximo nível, para onde devemos ascender graças à nossa correcção sem esclarecer tudo o que passamos. E esta é a essência do arrependimento, pedir a Luz que Reforma para nos corrigir e tornar possível alcançar uma união ainda mais forte com maior vigor. M. Laitman

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