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zerochan/AishaxNekox/Skye/ ◾AishaxNekox Mangaka ◾Skye Character ◾Bandage Over One Eye ◾Bandages ◾Black Sclera ◾Fangs ◾Grin ◾Horns ◾Shirtless (Male) ◾Tongue ◾Unnaturally White Skin ◾White Eyes

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1, 2, 3シャイン!!

The Ultimate Resource For LoveLive! School Idol Festival players Browse & track your cards.


Won't leave me alone, Get a busy tone, Stuck inside my home. I'm going Crazy! Now a mental place, What have you done to me!

zerochan/AishaxNekox/Skye/#815555 ◾AishaxNekox Mangaka ◾Skye Character ◾Demon  ◾Gray Background  ◾Horns  ◾Looking Away  ◾Unnaturally White Skin  ◾White Eyes

zerochan/AishaxNekox/Skye/ ◾AishaxNekox Mangaka ◾Skye Character ◾Demon ◾Gray Background ◾Horns ◾Looking Away ◾Unnaturally White Skin ◾White Eyes

( open Rp be the yandere) he was laughing and stabbing her over and over again covered in her blood and my fathers he a psycho. Not he excepts me to act normal.

Anime boy - RENDER [2] by IzanamiSatu

- Render by me. - If you took that, adds - Anime boy - RENDER

Demon Style Cooking Is The Man's Path! (Blue Excorcist)

Demon Style Cooking Is The Man's Path! (Blue Exorcist) after eating extremely hot oatmeal cooked by a demon Rin has a near death experience and has a vision of his dead grandmother ( who he's never even met before ) being ferried by Charon himself.

The corruption of Homura has to be one of my favorite character progressions to date. I only hope that they save her, though. Even if she must die, give her absolution.

I made the mistake of watching the Madoka movie. Any happy memories I had of that series are officially crushed.