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Canaan Dog Silhouettes Pattern Leggings

‘Canaan Dog Silhouette(s)’ Leggings by Jenn Inashvili

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Silhouettes Pattern Leggings

‘Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Silhouette(s)’ Leggings by Jenn Inashvili

Afghan Hound Silhouettes Pattern Leggings

‘Afghan Hound White Silhouette’ Leggings by Jenn Inashvili

Boxer Dog Silhouettes Pattern Shower Curtain

Boxer Dog Silhouette(s) Shower Curtain

Boxer Dog Silhouette Shower Curtain by Jenn Inashvili

Our proprietary six-panel cut and sew construction provides an unprecedented quality in fit and versatility with an adjustable waist line for wearing high, low or somewhere in between. Using the highest quality anti-microbial polyester spandex material, these premium leggings wick moisture and remain breathable, making them perfect for running or runways.

Corgi Silhouette(s) Leggings

Beagles Love - Dog Silhouettes w/ Heart Throw Pillow

Cute Beagle - Color Customizable Throw Pillow

Beagles Love - Dog Silhouettes w/ Heart Throw Pillow

German Shepherd Dog Silhouette Waterproof Die-Cut Sticker

‘German Shepherd Dog Silhouette’ Sticker by Jenn Inashvili

German Shepherd Dog Silhouette iPhone and iPad Cases

‘German Shepherd Dog Silhouette’ iPhone Case/Skin by Jenn Inashvili