Onze Nellie met een yoghurtsnoepje

Onze Nellie met een yoghurtsnoepje

my rats have done this before, I woke up with one of my girls popcorning across my comforter happy as could be!

Curiosity truly must have killed the rat.

I've come home to this, "You were gone and I wanted to explore" thing many times when my girls were babies. Actually found one of them sleeping in my moms bed, once. Good thing she loves rats!

Aww, makes me miss all my babies that passed away. Thank God for my rescue ratties. We rescued each other.

so adorable!

The Black Death bacterium is non-motile. It must be carried by other organisms—such as rats— to spread


Rat - lovely image

Pour Ted, Barney, Pepsi et Coca, mes 4 remonte-morale

Hey guys. What's up? I decided to make a new board called Dear Diary. I'm just gonna post stuff that happens to me and stuff. If you'd like an invite to this board just ask, k? So basically, I found out that there are rats in my house! We're going to take care of it though.

" Did you know that domestic rats are NOT like drain pipe or sewer rats? They clean, intelligent and can even be taught to play rattie basketball on a rat size court, of course - lol.

Rodents, Rats

Rats--adorable and discovered to not be responsible for the black plague.

Misunderstood Rats. If only we could put this up at work next to the rats. Whenever I suggest rats to people as pets for their children many of them cringe and say never when in reality a majority of the time a rat will be a much better small pet.

Misunderstood Rats

Funny pictures about Rats are misunderstood creatures. Oh, and cool pics about Rats are misunderstood creatures. Also, Rats are misunderstood creatures.