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Snake died for nope reasons

Snake died for nope reasons

This is why I HATE centipedes! A Whole Lot Of Nope // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

He boiled for our sins

He boiled for our sins

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That Is Some Scary Stuff~~~I'm sure these guys are deep enough I would never see them but I'll never know cause I'll never go in the ocean again!!!!!  Been in 2 of them and that's enough!

The Ocean Is Scary

Oh, these are some of the species in Lake Nope, located in Screwitica.

Amazing! by Caroline.C ❦

What If The World / Earth Lost Oxygen For 5 Second? - Ever wondered what would happen If The World / Earth lost oxygen for 5 second? So, let me show what could happen without oxygen:

COVERT SCIENCE-People—as well as cows, goats and the occasional horse—had vanished inexplicably near Belize City, S. Am. for 20 years. Convinced a monster lived in the lagoon, the locals asked Acapulco engineer Carlos Masin to help prove it. Masin criss-crossed the lagoon with wires & electrified it for 5 minutes, after which hundreds of fish—and this unbelievable thing rose to the surface, not quite dead. Its carcass has been on display in Mexico City since 1993."We close our…

Mother of snakes!

GIANT SNAKE KILLED - Snake killed 320 tourist & 125 Egyptians Egyptians-this looks like a snake on a toy truck, even the man looks like a toy soldier. Most likely fake but it's still creepy to think about.

This is why we don't go outside in Australia...<this is why we DON'T GO TO Australia

This is why we don’t go outside in Australia…

FPS Logic...

FPS Logic...

These are funny but you actually do get red in the corners of your vision when strenuous activities have taken a toll on the human body^^^yeah okay mister clever person