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Bufanda Motion terracota★★★

Bufanda Motion terracota★★★

A purple fairy house!" "What, you'll believe in a hundred kids with magic powers but you can't wrap your head around fairies?

Slip stitch crochet! Funny thing was I did this by accident once and you have to really use loose stitches when crocheting, otherwise it gets too tight to put the crochet hook in the next row of stitches.

This is pure slip stitch crochet and my all-time favorite type of crochet ribbed scarf: slip stitches worked into the back loop. With a larger-than usual crochet hook, it's faster than you’d think.

Hearts crochet blanket...link to pattern included!

(via Patroon: Hartjesdeken) little hearts blanket - tutorial and chart the original pattern for the blanket is here