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It is important to be motivated when exercising... and this one made me laugh when i saw it.

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I used to tell myself I can't run faster than a 10 minute mile.   Then, when I did, I thought I can't break the 9:30 threshold.     My last half marathon I finished with a 9:17 pace.   Now, I CAN'T wait until I can break the 9 minute mile.

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I am doing this for me.

I am doing Advocare for these plus MORE reasons! I wanted to make a change in my life so I accepted the challenge; are YOU ready to jump on board? Contact me for my story :)

I'm eating an apple as we speak.... but i secretly eat donuts!!

Diet motivation quotes "What you eat in private, you wear in public.

Back On Pointe - My DIY project turned into something else entirely...

Motivation - Creative idea on how to help you lose weight. Clothes pins, ribbons and a cork board is essentially needed for this project. Very cute idea!

every step

The end result isn't the only goal. The journey is also the goal. How much you learn and gain from the journey alone will help not just in this goal, but any other goal in your Degrees

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dear body, I’m sorry I’ve treated you this was, feeding you the wrong foods and not taking care of you. I promise to do better .

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I’m not losing weight. I’m getting rid of it. I have no intention of finding it again….

just goes to show...every pound counts!!!

pound per week is a GREAT goal! Slow and steady wins the race. Remember this is not about a crash diet; it's a fresh start at a healthy lifestyle. It doesn't matter how quickly you lose. Every day brings you closer to your goals.

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Strength training for weight loss. And 7 good reasons why you should be lifting weights as your of your health and fitness programme.

Earn it, by fighting for it, even when it's so foggy you can't see the path for your goal(s).

Work for it. Hard work, pays off. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.

Ugh. It's getting harder and harder to remember this.

I get what this is trying to do, thinspiration/skinny inspiration and whatever, but it's freaking SAD. Imma eat a dang cookie if I want a dang cookie! Get outta here skinny bikini girl, geez. This stuff gets to me.