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Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar | Nábytek a doplňky vybrané stylistkami Westwing

Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar

For my bathroom, and may I add one of only TWO acceptable duckfaces (Elvis being the other).

We lost a great man 23 years ago today to AIDS. My first Rock and Roll love. Thank you Freddie for being the most influential person in my life, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar | Nábytek a doplňky vybrané stylistkami Westwing

Inspired by Pedro Almodóvar

"I've always believed that everything that is said from authority is either the authority of one's own heart, one's own brain, one's own reading, one's own trust, but not the authority of someone who claims it because they're speaking for God and they know the truth because it's written in a book. That, essentially, is where I come from. In a sense, tolerance is my religion. Reason is my religion." -Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry : Actor, Comedian, Author, Braniac crazy polyglot and incredibly nice guy. Great photo of a great face

Chris Atkins - as older Chris

I met Christopher Atkins at a celebrity charity tennis tournament. He was so cool, we actually talked and hung out and he happily posed for a picture with me!

Thomas Mann (German novelist social critic essayist 1929 Nobel Prize Laureate. He was an anti-German nationalist socialist and fled nazi Germany to America. He is known for his writings Buddenbrocks, The Magic Mountain, Doktor Fautaus, Confessions of Felix Kroll, Death In Venice, The Transposed Head . . . . .

THOMAS MANN German novelist, philanthropist, and Nobel Prize laureate.

Alan Mathison Turing, OBE, FRS (23 juin 1912 - 7 juin 1954), est un mathématicien, cryptologue et informaticien britannique. Il est l'auteur en 1936 d'un article de logique mathématique, 1qui est devenu plus tard un texte fondateur de la science informatique.

Alan Turing - a computer scientist, philosopher and cryptologist who played a crucial role in breaking the Nazis’ Enigma code, seen here in happier times.

Jean Cocteau and his lover and lifelong friend, the actor Jean Marais, 1939, photo by Cecil Beaton via jessewanderer

French writer, artist, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau with his friend and lover actor Jean Marais, France, photograph by Cecil Beaton.