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My Chemical Romance Chibis by Loliberyy

I've been listening to MCR a lot and decided to make a picture for them. My Chemical Romance Chibis


Gerard Way through the years: Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, Danger Days, and The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance ~ Oh, Mikey! This is probably one of the cutest things I've ever seen!!❤️

My Chemical Romance ~ Frerard ;) I Didn't Even Know This Pairing Existed XD

Helena<<< i never know if it's Gerard's art or fanart because a lot of people use Gerard's style for inspiration... Which is totally fine I just wish I knew who to credit.

helena my chemical romance Helena - My Chemical Romance Fan Art - Fanpop fanclubs

I love how Mikey is sorta dramatic and then you have Frank being freakin adorable, and Ray's just chillin and Gee is standing like the sassy queen he is at the top of Mt. Emo | //pintrest: @LivingColor03//

My chemical romance time! Will it ever be my chemical romance time! when will this time come? A better question is, when is it NEVER My Chemical Romance time?

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My chemical romance

Nothing interesant to tell about this drawing My Chemical Romance Skull Logo

Imma try drawing this... idk my drawing skills suck I probably won't be able to. :

Imma try drawing this. idk my drawing skills suck I probably won't be able to. (she says while having a breakdown because she tried darwing gerard)