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Last pinned said: Agreed! I was scared to move on, now I have a wonderful guy in my life and a great job that I wanted so badly! Life is good.

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I want to believe these things Exist. I'm not so sure. I've been told these lines before and poets, writers and all us artists have a way of making things sound beautiful - but the tragic doesn't disappear.

to be wild and courageous to be wildly courageous that is my goal to love you through storms and starless nights to hold your hand and always bring you back to life ♥

does anyone else really like the sound of the keys on a keyboard clacking it just sounds so productive

Just gotta trust my gut instincts more. NEVER have they led me astray.

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11 Tips for Dealing with Criticism from Danielle LaPorte

11 tips for dealing with criticism

Don't fall in love with potential or promises. Fall in love with action.


Now Or Never- wrote this on my spikes before I stepped out on the track at nationals.

This is the actual truth!

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Happiness is found on the way not at the end of the road - 10 quotes about the future that will inspire you to make today count