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We are about to celebrate our 10 year anniversary and there is not a day that goes by that my husband doesn't tell me how lucky he is and what I mean to him!  I feel so lucky to have married him!

A real man never stops trying to show a woman how much she means to him, even after he's got her.

I Am Surely Blessed. Thank You, Lord, for My 2 Beautiful Grandchildren.

Blessed are those who snuggle and hug, spoil and pamper, boast and brag.for they shall be called grandmothers! Or Nanas


Some parents love to spend time with their children and some only want to spend time with one or neither. Sometimes parents forget to spend time with their children.One can only hope that every child is loved.


"Find a heart that will love you at your worst and arms that will hold you at your weakest." my friends & husband.i am blessed


great quote from eat pray love You gotta stop wearing your wishbone where your backboone oughta be.

I got my first tattoo 27 yrs ago. And I’m getting my 14th tattoo next week. And I want more!!!!

I got my first tattoo 27 yrs ago. And I’m getting my 14th tattoo next week. And I want more!!!!


Always have my daughters in the forefront - Mother quotes - motherhood quotes - single mother quotes Single Mom Quotes

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May these gratitude quotes and thoughts inspire you to find something to be grateful for today: Inspirational Thank You Quotes for Your Day

Happy Monday Pinning Friends!! :-)

I sing this song to my daughter every night! I want her to always remember no matter what everything little thing will be alright! This song has alway made me feel good on the inside!

As I get more and more tired and more and more cranky and more and more abset minded, (I dont know if I should blame old age or lack of sleep or my inability to say no to projects and commitments)  I have come to understand that my parenting has to be intentional.  I have...

"The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice." ~ Peggy O'Mara My children help me to move on.

real. . .

real men never stop trying to show a girl how much she means to him. {the same could be said for real women and their men}

my baby. this made me cry just thinking about it. So true.

This is very sweet. This is the legacy my son left me. I will always be his mother & he will always be my son. Now, I have just one son but he makes up for everything I have lost. Randy is an amazing wonderful son.