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funny that its saying that The Wanted is more popular than Harry Styles and Taylor Swift combined.


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Or at least one of my favorites.

Or at least one of my favorites.

Ahahaha.. #lolsotrue

i get caught some times and im just like "I REGRET NOTHING">>> you should see my sisters face when she walks in the room

Thought we were the only ones! 1DHQ. xx

So true<--- Story time. Me and my friend are directioners and we had a sleepover. While we were having breakfast and her dad came in and said one direction on the tv. We nearly killed our selves trying to get to the tv.

YES! I mean looks are temporary. They can come and go and for me looks can only go so far. If you are attractive that's great, but if you are a jerk then I won't take a second look. I hate it when people have bad personalities. These boys are pure, genuine and their personalities are real. They look great but their personalities are what really makes me love them and feel so dedicated to them.

i think that they are a group of fantastic people with amazing personalities that also happen to be blessed with amazing voices and gorgeous faces. they make my heart happy

Yup it's grass and if I'm correct I think it's green

Yup it's grass and if I'm correct I think it's green

Pretty much!

story of my life<<I take her home<< I drive all night~ finish song in comments!


Hahaha true my mom called me when loki was on tv and she was like is on tv and then i looked and it showed loki and i was like aw loki and my mom was like you already knew and i was like yeah people keep sending dani hate because of it

hey, it's understandable okay?

Just bought this mag., (sans pizza), and got a bonus. There's an article on AARON PAUL!