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Descriptive Writing - Using the Five Senses

Descriptive Writing - Using the Five Senses

Information guide for left handed children from Left Handed Children.org

Info on how to teach left-handed children to write correctly. For my little lefty.

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Free science notebook expectations and scientist safety sheet. Free notebook label too

Science-Notebook-Expectations Make this and edit for math notebooks matching the guidelines in Guided Math textbook. This can be adapted for most classes.

Play an ACTIVE Language Development game!  Move, sing, and use great DESCRIPTIVE LANGUAGE SKILLS to tell what might be buried under that 'snow' in your classroom!  Your kids will OBSERVE and RECALL-- great skill-builders!  Easy SONG notes and a short list of materials (most from your classroom!) are included.  Get those brains and bodies moving on a chilly day inside!  Play one of MY favorite GROUP GAMES!  (6 pages)  Joyful Noises Express TpT!  $

"Look Under the Snow!" - Descriptive Language Group Game and Folder Game