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Equestrians do it better.

Why don't they realize that its actually one of the toughest sports out there. Most DANGEROUS sports in the world. i dare you

OH EM GEE I hate this lol I'm like ummm no that is an adult gelding/mare right there..-.-

The horse I ride goes out in the paddock with a little chestnut pony and people ask "Oh is that the mommy horsey and baby horsey? >>> Not me but SERIOUSLY PEOPLE?

Not Just a Sport.  Please respect the post, share but don't alter.

Why is it so hard to get? I'm not saying golf or any other sport is not difficult, but in golf and football you have to work with a ball. With horse riding you have to work with a 1000 pound animal.

I told one of my friends that my horse was lame and she flipped out saying I was mean!

I told someone I had a "green horse" and they were like, "why is your horse green.