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Pre Production- This is the Production meeting agenda document that we created prior to filming. We used Microsoft word to create this document, this helped us to plan accordingly for filming day.
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This is a quick create rays of light in Photoshop tutorial that might prove really useful especially for Photoshop beginners. You can instantly change a photo by adding sun light effect. We'll learn how to create a sunburst and how to combine it with lens flare for obtaining an intense light effect. You can add rays of light to any image that has a light source, but it works best for the sun light.
This article is a wonderful survey showing the statistics of teens and illegal downloading. This survey helps with the understanding of why piracy is illegal. This article shows that if teens new the consequences, and true meaning behind why piracy is illegal they would be less likely to participate in such activities.
Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with sales of 43.5 billion euros in 2012 and has 170,000 employees worldwide at 31 March 2013, including 104 000 employees in France. Present in 32 countries, the Group has a total customer base close to 230 million customers at 31 March 2013, including 172 million mobile customers and 15 million broadband internet (ADSL, fibre) customers worldwide.
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