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I hate being able to see my ankles!! So if the pants aren't longs I'm not buying

This is seriously the biggest prob I have finding jeans that reach my ankles when I'm riding my horses 😁

Tall girls- experience things different

And the inevitable person that sits in front of you that HAS to lay their seat back immediately after takeoff. Although, both ways i had an extra leg room seat, so i didn't have that problem!

Yup. Finding things on sale is almost impossible when you're tall.

Finally this is the tall girl problem post I've been waiting to find! Buckle jeans are expensive but their the only ones long enough for me!

or you have to take out the hem of every pair of pants and skirt you own. Yes, my life exactly

CrystelleBoutique - Tall Tales - Tall Gril Problem # 77 - You can never buy clothes without trying them on first, and the few shops that cary tall sizes only carry them online