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Ilustrações Que Mostram Como Está Nossa Sociedade

Realities of War. Have a THOUGHTFUL Memorial Day, because if you support our troops, you wouldn't support them dying needlessly. And you would support veteran affairs, because most don't get the education or healthcare they are promised.

Realities of War.

Realities of war…Sad but also a tribute to warriors everywhere and throughout history and also the people effected by war globally

‘Cinismo Ilustrado’ which translates to ‘Cynicism Illustrated’, is a cynical but witty series of illustrations by illustrator and designer Eduardo Sales, in which he expresses his thoughts on technology, pop culture, the economy, religion, politics, and trends. The hilarious and thought-provoking series of posters contain viewpoints and sarcastic jabs that make us re-think about everyday […]

Witty illustrations by Eduardo Sales

Cinismo Ilustrado (Cynicism Illustrated) by Eduardo Salles A series of posters that touch on the idea that using smartphones, deciphering icons, and clicking “like” have become second nature—a funny.



Latuff in denial about the Muslim connection to 9/11.Surveys have shown how many Muslims are themselves still in denial about 9/11.Blame Israel instead!

Latuff in denial about the Muslim connection to have shown how many Muslims are themselves still in denial about Israel instead!

The hierarchy of the State.

Graphics New Capitalist Pyramid vs the Old Capitalist Pyramid 1911 vs 2008 - Democratic Underground

So you faking huh? Didn't think people would peep huh?

You mean to tell me people act different online than they do in real life?

Syrian refugee crisis                                                       …

This describes the entire political situation relating to the Syrian Refugee crisis over the last several years.