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Giant chess piece. really big

Giant chess piece. really big

Right. I need to stop my star wars TFA obsession, but this is too funny.

I need to stop my star wars TFA obsession, but this is too funny.<< I'm with you, random citizen and Captain Phasma

Can it get any better?  Google Image Result for http://craziestgadgets.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/steampunk-star-wars-stormtrooper-helmet.jpg

Created by Brian Rood and shown at Rebelscum, this supercool Imperial Stormtrooper helmet will be auctioned off at a

Ancient Catapults

In accordance with a massive manned army, siege weapons were also used to dominate their enemies. This siege weapons shows Rome as a technology advanced society, and as a culture predicated on violence.

Аквила - несли во главе легиона, пока он двигалась. Когда легион был лагерем его охраняли. Потеря орла была серьезным недостатком и разрушением репутации легиона.

Aquila - The Roman eagle standard carried by the Aquilifer at the head of the legion whilst it was marching. When a legion was camped the Eagle was guarded within the camp and the Vexilum standard carried instead.