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When I was told we were his priority and he said he only wanted us forever.... Of course it hurts when you find out it was all a lie and I was just a single piece of his "puzzle" and nothing more. I'm not crazy or "psycho" it's the same term used for all of us when we figure out the truth. Victimizing your ways; when you need accountability.

"Nothing is weaker or smaller than the man who hurts women or children whether by his actions or by his words" This is so true. No one treats my kids like shit.we are the voice for our children.

And she was made to appear crazy by the man who drove her there.

She was made to appear crazy by the man who drove her there. Yup that was me years ago with my stupid ex. I know who the real problem was.

divorcing a narcissist. and they are constantly accusing their "crazy ex-wife" of making it that way --- one word, PROJECTION.

Funny Music Ecard: It needs more cowbell. absolutely, you can't have enough cowbell at a football game!

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Scary how true! The physical abuse verbal abuse emotional abuse made me paralyzed. The children and I are recovering. Never again!

God forbid you try to defend yourself to a narcissist... The next will look just…

And a crazy one at that! How dare I speak the truth? Why would I ever go public with the bold truth? She must be having a bad day. I am having a bad day, but I am still standing.

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"What I Wish I'd Known." Real Women Share Advice For Women Going Through Divorce

divorce advice for women, real women share their heartfelt advice and wisdom on what they wish they'd known before they filed for divorce.

stop being too nice in your #divorce and in general... you'll be happier! http://www.lisathomsonlive.com/stop-being-too-nice/

I have gotten this all my life. Few things piss someone off more than when you call them out on their BS treatment of you. now I'll pin a few religious quotes bc calling someone out is sooooooo wrong

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The problem is women think he will change, he won't. And men make the mistake of thinking she will never leave, she will. So true ^

"My ex and I divorced for religious reasons. He believed he was God and I didn’t." — Unknown

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Common Symptoms of Sociopathic Personality Disorder - Lying and having no remorse or guilt. Able to pass a lie detector test. What a sad, miserable life.

for the victim of a narcissist: divorce her. . .you're done!  no man should ever be placed back into the back burner so she can date another cute co-worker, planning a magic mike girl's night out four days after the pathetic drunken wedding: all this narcissist does is ALL BULLSHIT!

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I refuse to be subjected to your mind games and lies. I will not play a part in your constant drama. You will not manipulate me, nor will you control me. Frankly, you can just fuck off.

Do the right thing, and when you have to defend your actions, you'll have all the right answers, and pride in what you have done. On the other hand, crazy people can't see that they're crazy and they always think they're right.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticised anyway. (the rest - You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't.) --Eleanor Roosevelt---so true!