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Kapuzenschal gestrickt von doris WOLL-DESIGN auf DaWanda.com

Kapuzenschal gestrickt von doris WOLL-DESIGN auf DaWanda.com

P.B.Shelley once said ‘ if winter comes, can spring be far behind?’ Yes. Though it’s cold outside, we look forward to a warm season. We welcome spring. Before spring comes, we can prepare some flower arrangements for home decorations or some special occasions. Today we have collected some DIY projects for you to learn how …

DIY Projects: Flower Arrangements

50% Christmas Shower Curtains,Free Shipping Worldwide

50% Christmas Shower Curtains,Free Shipping Worldwide

Plastic Wrap Panel To Enclose A Porch ... to protect furniture and items they have stored on their porch for the winter, pretty cool idea really. It allows them to still use their porch in the winter except for the coldest months. They put a little space heater out there for a little warmth ............... #diyporch #DIY

Weather-proofing a porch: 20 gauge clear vinyl, white Duck Tape, Dritz steel grommets, screw-eye hooks.

mini stall door for Mosey our mini donkey

Makes ya want to buy some fat, furry, ponies! Cheap to do for non finished out side of barn, I think. would also work for pygmy goats too.

both by the front door and garage door leading inside house

23 Totally Brilliant DIYs Made From Common Thrift Store Finds

Use river rocks to drip dry boots and shoes. Consumer Crafts has great prices on river rocks/pebbles for home decor. I have the boot/shoe holders now for the river rocks.

Besides being all denim this outfit is worth trying and it looks really nice

31 Chic Winter Outfits to Copy Now

These dream-like installation are photographed by Norwegian artist, Rune Guneriussen. Beautiful in weird way.

Rune Guneriussen - an artists who assembles these dreamlike installations, photographs them, and then removes them. The images he captures are the only evidence of their existence.