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While we set up the Falco V bike we had to endure an endless army of cell phone photographers trying to lean in on us.
The illume is a bicycle that combines a simple bike design with advanced technology. To overcome the problems of riding at night, the design merges the indicator, brake and headlights into the frame in a way that it affords a safer ride. A lithium-ion battery and an actuator that transforms kinetic energy to electrical energy power the lighting system that is integrated into the frame.
This is hardly a top-1o list since there are barely ten manufacturers out there building a purpose-built electric bike. As hard as it is to believe, with the hundreds of electric bikes on the marke…
Cykno- vintage electric bycicle
Peugeot Cycles / HYbrid bike AE21
ECOALF. "Ecoalf commitment to sustainability takes an adventurous turn in the form of an electric urban bike".
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