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These calorie-burning moves need to be part of your core routine.
Try Our At-Home 30-Minute Cardio Workout to Burn Major Calories
Creating an all-encompassing workout — one that gets your heart rate up while strengthening every major muscle group — takes some fancy fit work. But it’s something Steve Uria, founder of Switch Playground in New York City (original location: South Africa), does with gusto. If you’ve never been to the playground, imagine recess for adults but with more structure …
After a sculpted stomach, but having trouble making progress? Too often, we work our core in one direction (think: crunches, sit-ups, leg raises). But the ab moves below challenge the muscles in ne…
9 Core Exercises That Get You Closer to 6-Pack Abs
Join SHAPE's fitness editor-at-large Jay Cardiello and train insane with 12 minutes of non-stop sculpting with this routine you can do at home!
Elbow Plank With Donkey Kick   8 exercises to get rid of Saddlebags  ( leg workout )
Lower Abs Pooch Core Workout **That's actually doable. Even for beginners!
[WOTM, 03/2016] Churn Your Core Like Butter With The Six-Pack Tsunami Ab Workout — Lean It UP Fitness
In celebrity yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin’s new book The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life, she outlines her method for combining movement and mindfulness to lead a more balanced life. Her strategy includes five simple principles: perspective, breathing, grounding, balance, and letting go. But how exactly does …