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Appreciating your partner is way of honoring your partner's love

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An econ teacher gave his senior highschool students his personal list of wisest words.and they make a long of sense too: list of 100 wise phrases

I may not get to see you as often as I like

Deep in my heart baby I truly know your the one that I love and yes I have tears in my eyes sending this Pinn. This Pinn deeply touched my heart.I love you with all my heart and more baby.sweet dreams my Queen.

...♥️...My EvErYThiNg...♥️...

❤️MY HUSBAND❤️ I truly deeply love you with all my heart ❤️.Only a Wife can say her that Husband makes her Happy, cuz he belongs to her ❤️Happy Anniversary Gary I love you with all my heart.

Love Quotes For Her: Love quote : Love : Love Quotes enviarpostales.ne love quotes for her love quote…

This is exactly it #bones

I love you, Chelsea. I don't want you to ever forget that. No matter how much you want to deny it, it is the most true thing in my life.

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When someone else's happiness is your happiness, that is love ~ Lana Del Rey ~ So true! I'm so happy my happy makes you so!


"and every time I look at you, I can feel something stirring inside me. like a collection of dying stars drowning beneath the waves. waves that belong to your ocean, and I have fallen deeply without really knowing how far it all could go.

"Some talk to you in their free time and some free their time to talk to you. Learn the difference." - Unknown www.livelifehappy.com

Life Quote: Some talk to you in their free time and some free their time to talk to you. Learn the difference. - Unknown Tagged with: Advice , Friendship , Love , Relationship , Truth

Stay strong my friend. You know who you are.

Over 2333 people liked this! tough people pull themselves up by the boot straps when they hit hard luck and they stay strong and they keep on fighting like they dont know how to lose. tough times dont last, tough people do.


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