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Speedpaint (Paint Tool SAI) OC

Speedpaint (Paint Tool SAI) OC


Step one my step by step drawing tutorial guides you through the different pencil drawing techniques needed as you learn how to draw a pencil portrait.

Wie zeichnet man Gesichter und Hände das erstaunlichste Buch empfohlen von meiner Universität, dieses Buch zu erhalten. Und hier ist es fantastisch. 3625  32 32 zeichnen lernen

lines and colors :t drawing, painting, illustration, comics, concept art and other visual arts

.....Escape from technology: Basic planes of the head

Have students cut out a photo from a magazine > glue into sketchbooks > have students break up the planes.Escape from technology: Basic planes of the head

Made a tutorial yesterday on tumblr about how I approach painting gold digitally. Thought I might as well share it here on dA as well. you can find more mini-tutorials from me on my tumblr blog

Tutorial: Painting Gold by FOERVRAENGD on DeviantArt. This is a helpful tutorial for when I colour the few golden bits on my character.


I really wanna learn how to paint like this, with the color first and building up to the details. I always do lineart first and then color by delores

The Art of Color Coordination in Web Design [Infographic] - Smashfreakz

The Art of Color Coordination. This infographic discuss about color coordination and how you can use this to your advantage when designing your website. Good color choices should never be neglected in web design. A bad color combination can have the same