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I think soft faces work best with really any ring, big or small septum piercings. Long & thin nose = small ring WANT

Might go for the one on outer ear and on that small part of the ear as my first new ear piercings

28 Adventurous Ear Piercings To Try This Summer

rook piercing, tragus piercing, conch piercing, this is exactly what I want for my left ear.

her eyebrows and eyelashes are killer + a nude lip

medusa & septum piercings- if I didn't meet hubs I would look like this dreads and everything!

Silver Gold SNAKE EAR CUFF Wrap Gothic Punk Rock Earrings Fashion Statement

Silver Gold SNAKE EAR CUFF Wrap Gothic Punk Rock Earrings Fashion Statement

Snake wrap around earring cuff So awesome

A guide to the different types of nose piercings - Multiple and symmetrical piercings of the nose are trending right now, BodyCandy wants to help you make sure you know your type!  Septum, high nostril, bridge? What do you want?

Encyclopedia of Body Piercings: Standard Nostril Nose Piercing

Location: through the thinnest part of the nose, above the curve of the nostril Jewelry: initially, a nose ring will be used ranging from 20 gauge to 18

Don't let anyone cramp your elf-witch vibes!  Rock your own 'Bison Skull and Bones' #ring here ➕//SHOP:➕

Nu Goth Fashion Tip - Alternative Girl with Ear Piercings, Black Makeup & Pastel Hair Buns

medusa piercing (1)

150 Medusa Piercing Ideas, Jewelry, Scar, Pain, Aftercare - Part 5

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9 Beautiful & Happy Smiley Piercings with Aftercare Procedure. Such a cute, simple piercing, and you don't see the scar.

20 Long Pixie Hairstyles |

This Wild Geode Hair Trend Is Going To Be All Over Instagram Soon

Simple makeup

Name:Lexi Valentine// Parent:Poseidon// Power:controlling water and talking to horses// Psychic-link:Apollo// Siblings:Percy,Tyson and trident.//weapon:bow and arrows/sword//boyfriend:Jason Grace//