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One of many car/plane hybrids with retractable wings that can commute at 4,000 feet!

One of many car/plane hybrids with retractable wings that can commute at feet!

two AvA02 Serafim R.E.D. Climbing Above Clouds by Deaksigns

Concept:The design and development of a jet for private use. A new luxury pastime is to be created. "Sunday aviation": the fulfillment of humankind's great desire to fly at any moment, making it possible to reach unimaginable heights and all the places y…

bow shock - jet plane

A cloud forms as an Hornet aircraft accelerates to supersonic speed. Aircraft flying this fast push air up to the very limits of its speed, forming what's called a bow shock in front of them. (© Ensign John Gay, USS Constellation, US Navy) Awesome!


toocatsoriginals: US Navy Aggressor Hornets of the “Fighting Omars.” via Airwingspotter

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F 15 Eagle from Nellis Air Force Base wallpapers mobile Wallpapers) – Wallpapers Mobile

Next time I break my arm I am getting this. You send in a copy of your x-ray and they send back a print for your cast.

X-Ray Vision...almost.

Fun Tattoos for your cast. Want your X-Ray on your cast? Send us the digital file of your x-ray, and we’ll send you back your break in print, ready to be applied directly to your cast.

Next Generation Stealth Aircraft | next generation tactical aircraft Archives - Strike Fighter Consulting ...

The Pentagon in Virginia is planning to introduce artificial intelligence to jets (F/A-XX concept shown). The plan it to use AI as co-pilots to humans to help with sensory data and landings.

F-22   Breaking the sound barrier

The Exact Moment of a Sonic Boom. An Air Force Raptor executes a supersonic flyby over the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS John C. Breaking the sound barrier. Military jets used to do this all the time over our house in rural Maine.

German Air Force - Panavia Tornado IDS(T)

Special coloured Tornado of 322 Sqn - Photo taken at Lechfeld (ETSL) in Germany in May,

MSF-33 by MSonda.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Sonda Aerospace’s is a twin-engine fifth generation super-manoeuvrable, stealth fighter aircraft. In keeping with SA’s concept for air superiority fighters, it is design to provide maximum s.

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Fastest plane, offically, ever made and the technology is 40 years old. 1966 Lockheed Blackbird i don't want to rant on about this magnificent plane

Exhibit B. Previous pinner: Even if this is a hoax (and it apparently is) it's a very cool photo. "Boeing 797". Me: Wouldn't it be something to see these in flight!

Boeing 797 - Boeing have actual planes being tested by test pilots and appears this may be a common sight in the near future ! ( impressive plane )x