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Bernie4Indiana on Twitter: "#ItsNotRadicalToSay my family can use a TINY break, with #CorporateWelfare being o.k. With 1% #DropOutHillary https://t.co/hdcCufWv9k"

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If you paid your taxes today, there’s a good chance you paid 30 times the tax rate of the largest Fortune 500 companies. Share if you agree corporations should pay tax like the rest of us!

Bernie Sanders

Choosing to spend our tax money on building our nation instead of endless war is not"magical thinking'. Magical thinking is when you believe bombing strangers makes you safe.

Please repin so everyone knows what this BO is about!

Pin it forward Patriots! 'Post American World' written by islamist Faheed Zakharia

Truth, but try and explain that to most Republicans and they won't understand it.

Bernard Sanders, I-VT., and his youngest staffer grandson Dylan make their way to work in the Dirksen Senate Office Building early Wednesday morning September

What we needed was a leader for America, not someone who desperately wanted to bring us down to level of a third world country as punishment for the crime of being exceptional.

"as far as American leadership is concerned," the US's global standing was better under Barack Obama than under President trump.

Well you have the batshit religious people and the ones that are actually normal

If you think your God approves of spending millions on mega-churches while children starve all over the world. You Have Lost Your Fucking Mind.

President Jimmy Carter quotes are so inspirational to be thankful.

"We can't have it both ways; we can't be both the world's leading champion of peace and the world's leading supplier of arms" -Jimmy Carter.

I have stopped shopping at Walmart since learning and understanding the truth. BOYCOTT THE EVIL!!

Bernie Sanders Some lower wage Service Members survive the same way, if they have young families,

Also the Stupidest and Most Gullible !

Truth be told. And why we we MUST stop voting for selfish, short-sighted, ignorant politicians.