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DIY  how to make chocolat baskets for ice cream

fill a balloon with air, melt chocolate in a bowl, dip the end of the balloon in to the chocolate and set it down to dry solid.when the chocolate it set.bust the balloon, and fill it!

I am always looking for interesting ways to serve or present food... it's little details like these that make parties look fabulous. Here's ...

Create Chocolate Bowls for some fancy deserts.that hopefully won't taste like balloon.Pour liquid chocolate into a bowl with a balloon inside for the shape and let it solidify. what a fun idea!

Looks really cool--pour melted chocolate over balloon to get awesome chocolate bowl

This would make a great dish for serving truffles! [Looks really cool--pour melted chocolate over balloon to get awesome chocolate bowl-whoa! That is super creative cool!

Cool dessert idea!

These chocolate bowls are genius! Who doesn& want to eat out of a chocolate bowl? There are step by step pictures for making them on Bakerella. Chocolate Bowls regular sized balloons chocolate cooking spray wax paper Blow up balloons about.

Pourquoi se contenter de peu quand on peut avoir mieux ? En voilà une bonne question ! Nous avons compilé pour vous 12 aliments que vous pouvez rendre encore plus savoureux qu'ils ne le sont déj...

12 astuces complètement dingues qui rendront vos aliments encore plus savoureux et délicieux !

How to make a chocolate bowl using a balloon! This is a great idea! Gonna do this for a baby shower coming up!

Crazy Chocolate Ideas for Christmas | Young Craze

Crazy Chocolate Ideas for Christmas

Chocolate Bowls

So, you've seen those cute, fancy chocolate bowls made with the balloons? They turned out okay. A couple suggestions: *Don'.