Fenêtre toute en rondeur...

Fenêtre toute en rondeur...


If you can get passed the spooky emotions attached to abandoned property you might just discover something beautiful. Often abandoned properties have incredibly detailed and stunning architecture commonly not found .

Maison victorienne abandonnee, Ecosse .

missingsisterstill: “ old-mansion Decaying Victorian country house, Perthshire, Scotland ”

Haunted Beautiful old house in rural Oregon. While it had been stripped of all it's fixtures, it was incredibly sturdy.

A Canadian explorer, who has a hobby of going through abandoned homes, made a surprising discovery after coming upon an abandoned house in his home province.

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darbians:   The gothic ruin. Full set of this old... - Destroyed and Abandoned

darbians: The gothic ruin. Full set of this old college can be seen here…Cotton College